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Advanced IC Assembly

Advanced Assembly
Advanced IC Assembly

Chip on Board (COB) / Chip on Flex (COF)

Quik-Pak has the capability to attach and bond die on printed circuit boards and flex circuits measuring up to 5" by 8" and even larger, using our range of wire bond equipment. Passive components can be mounted and die protected with encapsulation, frame and lid or custom covers. Quik-Pak also has the capability of designing unique fixtures for your populated boards.

Multi-Chip Module (MCM) / System in Package (SiP)

Quik-Pak’s flexible assembly processes can accommodate the bonding of multiple components, including die and discretes, on a single substrate.

Flip Chip Bonding

When you are ready to make the move to Flip Chip technology, Quik-Pak offers complete Prototype Assembly Services, including Wafer/Die Bumping, Die Placement, Solder Reflow, Underfill, Encapsulation and Substrate Ball Attach. Quik-Pak also provides substrate design and manufacturing services to deliver a complete turnkey Flip Chip solution. More Info

Stacked Die

When your device requires the integration of multiple components in a single package, such as ASIC and memory die, a stacked die assembly delivers the smallest footprint and most economical solution. Quik-Pak’s unique ability to backgrind individual die enables the finished devices to meet original JEDEC package thickness specifications, and our capabilities in die attach and wire bonding, including die to die and die to substrate bonding, enable prototype assembly of your complicated stacked die devices.


Quik-Pak’s unique assembly techniques provides the capability to assemble unique MEMS devices, including chemical, environmental and pressure sensors and other configurations requiring an air cavity. Our laser micromachining system allows the creation of custom packages and assemblies, with frames, lids and covers to protect your delicate devices.

Thermal Calibration Chip (TCC) Fabrication
Thermal Calibration Chip
(TCC) Fabrication

Thermal Calibration Chip (TCC) Fabrication

Quik-Pak’s Thermal Calibration Chips (TCC) are semiconductor packages that have embedded thermocouple junctions or resistive thermal devices (RTD). These packages can be placed inside any piece of process equipment that requires calibrated temperature control. Examples of this include final test handlers, probe stations, and burn-in ovens.

With Quik-Pak’s patented open cavity process, we can embed these thermal measurement devices in any plastic package. Embedded RTD’s can be wirebonded to outer leads in either two or four-wire (Kelvin or 4-T sensing) configurations for increased accuracy and reliability. Once packaged, these components are used in place of the DUT, which allows empirical temperature measurements.

Thermal Calibration Chip (TCC) Fabrication
Expert services for EO electro-optical
components placement

Finetech used for VCSEL applications:

Quik-Pak offers expert services for EO electro-optical components placement utilizing advanced Finetech equipment that’s been customized to achieve placements accuracies within 3µm. Quik-Pak is getting a repeatable accuracy previously not thought possible.

Components requiring placement with this kind of accuracy included VCSEL and photo diodes. Quik-Pak makes the difficult appear routine.

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