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Wire Bonding Services

Close Up of Difficult Wire Bond
Close Up of Difficult Wire Bond

Quik-Pak performs Gold and Copper ball wire bonding utilizing the latest automatic equipment from K & S and ASM. Wire diameters range from 0.7 mil (18µm) to 2.0 mils (50.8µm) for gold wire and from 0.7 mil (18µm) to 1.0 mils (25µm) for copper wire with bond pad pitch down to 35 microns.

Quik-Pak also offers Aluminum wedge bonding with 0.8 mil - 2.0mil wire, and can even combine Gold, Copper and Ribbon bonding in the same device.

Gold Ball Wire Bonded Pads
Gold Ball Wired Bonded Pads

Gold (Au): Ball Bonding 18µm(0.7mil) - 76µm(3.0mil) diameter wire. Pitch down from 35µm.

Aluminum (Al): Wedge Bonding 20µm(0.8mil) - 51µm(2.0mil) diameter wire. Pitch down to 60µm.

Copper (Cu): Ball Bonding 18m(0.7mil) - 25µm(1.0mil) diameter wire. Pitch down to 35µm.

Ribbon Bonding: Au and Al 25m(1.0mil) X 250m(9.8mil) ribbon.
Consult factory for additional sizes.

Assembled IC
Assembled IC Package

Standard and ultra-fine pitch devices are easily accommodated, producing bonded parts in open cavity plastic or ceramic packages. Quik-Pak specializes in wire bonding advanced assembly components, including chip on board (COB), chip on flex, stacked or multiple die, and MEMS devices.

Quik-Pak can accommodate multiple bonding variations and encapsulation options within a single project, providing the flexibility to test different options for your new products.

Copper Bonding: Quik-Pak has increased its capacity and ability to wire bond by adding copper wire bonding.

Copper wire bonding is fast becoming the preferred material for wire bonding many semiconductor and microelectronic applications. Copper exhibits better conductivity than gold or aluminum enhancing heat dissipation and increased power ratings. Once bonded under a protective reducing gas atmosphere, copper wire has greater mechanical properties resulting in excellent ball neck and loop stability during transfer molding or other encapsulation methods.

Quik-Pak enhances bonding capabilities

Quik-Pak has enhanced its Flip Chip bonding capability by installing a Finetech Flip Chip bonder. The bonder is capable of placing bumped devices within +/- 2µm placement accuracy. Applications include flip chip, 3-D packaging, MEMS, chip to wafer packaging, optoelectronic and micro optics bonding and assembly, sensors, chip on glass/chip on flex and more.

In addition Quik-Pak has also added to our Wire Bonder line by purchasing a ASM AB530 Automatic Ultrasonic Aluminum Wedge bonder. The bonder is capable of supporting 0.8 to 2 mil wire diameters at bonding speeds of 8 wires/second.

To complete your devices and assist in identification, molded packages can be pad-print marked with a logo, part number and date code, as space allows.

Quik-Pak’s complete assembly solutions also include:

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