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Open-Tooled Over Molded QFN Packages

A large selection of plastic over molded QFN packages are available to provide quick turn engineering builds, high mix/low volume assembly and onshore volume production. All QFNs are RoHS compliant and utilize NiPdAu plated lead frames. The versatile and cost effective QFN “platform” has become the package of choice for single die, multi-die, SiPs, stacked die, RF, and MEMS device packaging. Quik-Pak supports custom designs as well.

Open-Tooled Over Molded QFN Drawings



# of Leads


QFN 4x4 20 400340.pdf
QFN 4x4 28 400341.pdf
QFN 5x5 24 400342.pdf
QFN 6x6 40 400343.pdf
QFN 6x6 48 400344.pdf
QFN 6x6 52 400345.pdf
QFN 7x7 48 400346.pdf
QFN 8x8 52 400348.pdf
QFN 8x8 56 400349.pdf
QFN 8x8 68 400350.pdf
QFN 9x9 64 400351.pdf
QFN 10x10 72 400352.pdf
QFN 12x12 80 400353.pdf
QFN 12x12 100 400354.pdf
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