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AutoPlacer MP300
AutoPlacer MP300

Additional Wafer Preparation Services

In addition to wafer backgrinding and dicing, Quik-Pak offers a range of other services to further process your valuable dice.

Die Sort / Pick & Place

Following dicing, Quik-Pak can select specific die to assemble into our open cavity plastic packages, and place the rest in Gel-Pak boxes or waffle packs or leave them on tape for future assembly builds. Utilizing an electronic wafer map from probing or ink-dot recognition, Quik-Pak’s Royce Auto-Placer MP300 can sort dice into the media of your choice.

AutoPlacer MP300

Our AutoPlacer MP300 is designed for high-mix die sorting, including picking multi-project wafers (which are also known as pizza mask, reticle mask, multi-chip, or engineering wafers), or any wafer that does not contain a regular array of die with one pitch in x and one pitch in y.

These wafers, which consist of many die types and sizes on a single wafer, cannot be processed by traditional automatic pick and place systems. This is because many wafer map reading die sorters work by stepping a pre-programmed distance to the next die on the wafer. The flexible wafer mapping approach and rich die binning options enables rapid accommodation of both current and legacy wafer map formats.

In addition, the system provides superior ability to automatically sort die from tape without damage. The micron resolution die eject mechanism and optimized die eject head design allows for complete control of die plunge up parameters allowing die as thin as 50 microns to be picked without damage. Examples of fragile die include Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and other III-V materials.


Trained inspectors will examine your dice to your specifications, or MIL STD 883G, and isolate rejects from acceptable dice.

Wafer Washing

Wafer cleaning is a critical function in the semiconductor manufacturing process. It is required during all major stages of device fabrication including device packaging. As device geometries shrink and new materials are introduced, the number of cleaning steps continues to grow at an aggressive rate. Furthermore, each step has different selectivity and defectivity requirements that add to manufacturing complexity. Quik-Pak understands the these requirements and is expert in cleaning fragile structures without causing damage.

With our advanced wafer processing equipment, Quik-Pak offers expert backgrinding services for wafer-level packaging. We can take your wafers and backgrind to expose heat sinks, anodes, cathodes and other I/O on the bottoms (or tops) of you chip-scale packages. Dicing and reticle placement services are also offered. We routinely process LED and MEMS devices.

Additional wafer preparation services offered by Quik-Pak include:

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