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Wafer Preparation Services Up To 300mm
Wafer Preparation Services
up to 300mm

Wafer Preparation

Quik-Pak delivers complete wafer preparation services for wafers up to 300mm. Wafer Preparation services are offered as part of your turnkey packaging and assembly project or as stand-alone services based on your individual needs.

With our advanced wafer processing equipment, Quik-Pak offers expert backgrinding services for wafer-level packaging. We can take your wafers and backgrind to expose heat sinks, anodes, cathodes and other I/O on the bottoms (or tops) of you chip-scale packages. Dicing and reticle placement services are also offered. We routinely process LED and MEMS devices.

Quik-Pak utilizes state-of-the-art equipment from Disco, Ultron and Royce to offer the following services, which are performed in-house in as little as one day:

Additional services provided by Quik-Pak include:

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