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Product Spotlight: Wafer Dicing

Quik-Pak can receive your wafer in the morning and ship completely assembled packages by the end of the day!

Quik-Pak can precisely backgrind and dice your wafers or substrates including multi-project wafers, pizza wafers, and reticles and have them ready to ship or package the same day.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Quik-Pak can backgrind and dice each wafer with customized parameters, isolating only the die you need. Quik-Pak can also backgrind and dice partial wafers, and bumped wafers, as well as substrates or panels in other materials such as laminates, ceramic, glass, sapphire, or quartz.

Regardless of your wafer preparation needs, Quik-Pak has a solution for you.

ITAR Registered ISO 9001 ISO 13485